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Film reviews of all the films I should have seen but didn't...

What do you do if you receive a Christmas present that is a membership to the British Film Institute when there's a pandemic on...?

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Double Down Delon...1963, 1969

For a long time Alain Delon was a name I associated with the Romanian Olympic gymnast Nadia Comăneci...

"Orpheus" - Dir: Jean Cocteau, 1950

Based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, the film is a contemporary (to the early 1950's) re-telling of the story of the poet/musician Orpheus..

A Duo of Eric Rohmer - 1969 and 1987

Eric Rohmer made films at the tail-end of the French New Wave movement although he had been a frequent contributor to "Cahier Du Cinema"

"Eve" / "Eva", Dir: Joseph Losey, 1962

Once again, my reason for choosing Joseph Losey's adaptation of a James Hadley Chase novel entitled "Eve" was Jeanne Moreau.


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