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Film reviews of all the films I should have seen but didn't...

What do you do if you receive a Christmas present that is a membership to the British Film Institute when there's a pandemic on...?

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A Bit About Biopics...

Love them or hate them, biopics can vary enormously when they invariably focus on cultural "icons"...

"Subway" Dir: Luc Besson, 1985

The film opens with a furious breakneck car chase through Paris as Fred is being pursued by the gangster's henchmen..

A Duo of Rohmer Shorts, 1962, 1964

Currently curated on Criterion Channel is a series of early formative Éric Rohmer shorts and I find myself irresistibly drawn to his films..

"Orpheus" - Dir: Jean Cocteau, 1950

Based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, the film is a contemporary (to the early 1950's) re-telling of the story of the poet/musician Orpheus..


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